Metal Finishes & Services

Preston Plate offers high quality and versatile electroplating and metal polishing services in Melbourne. If you are unsure which plating finish is best for your project, our expert advice can help you determine which finish is best suited to your order.

The Metal Finishing process is modified appropriately depending on which metal is being plated and which metal is being used as a finish. If you don’t have a preference for a particular finish, Preston Plate is more than happy to show you your options considering the intended application of the part.

From gold plating to chrome plating Victoria-wide, Preston Plate has been serving Victorians since 1948. Call (03) 9466 2700 to confirm your electroplating requirements.


Chrome is a classic finish that’s used in many industries for its durability and functionality. Chrome has stunning reflective properties and picks up colours from its surroundings.


Gold is used for decorative applications, from antique restorations to jewellery. Gold is rich in colour and since ancient times has signified wealth. Preston Plate offers our gold plating Melbourne services in soft gold and hard gold.


Copper is salmon pink in colour; it’s used beneath other finishes to provide adhesion to the final finish and to level the surface. When copper is used as a decorative finish it must be lacquered to avoid tarnishing.


Nickel looks similar to chrome. Nickel gives a beautiful yellow undertone, creating a bright and clean finish. It’s used to provide wear resistance and, like copper, builds and levels the surface under other finishes.

Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel is a brushed, modern finish similar in appearance to stainless steel. This form of nickel electroplating allows materials like brass to be coated to look like stainless steel.

Florentine Bronze

Florentine Bronze has a blackened surface and is highlighted to leave shades from light brown to almost black. The natural tones of antique bronze give it a beautiful, rustic appearance. It can be coated with clear lacquer to protect against tarnishing.

Bright Dip

Bright Dip is an option to accelerate the brightening reaction and prevent tarnishing.

Metal Services

Preston Plate, as your electroplaters in Melbourne, offers:

  • Hard and decorative electroplating Melbourne-wide
  • Metal polishing Melbourne-wide
  • Metal stripping and restoration
  • Expert advice

Metal Polishing

Preston Plate is dedicated to being Melbourne’s one-stop shop for all your electroplating needs. In addition to plating, Preston Plate offers customised polishing services. Polishing is an essential part of the plating process: high quality electroplating is impossible without meticulous polishing beforehand. Polishing ensures the surface is free of abnormalities, allowing the electroplating finish during the plating process to adhere to the metal evenly.

Our gallery shows the range of work the company can complete, from gold plating Melbourne antiques and bath taps to chrome plating car parts and nickel plating hardware Victoria-wide.

If you require skilled and experienced electroplaters, Melbourne’s Preston Plate is the solution. Speak with their team to arrange your electroplating or metal polishing today.